The Ingredients and Details Make or Break It (You)

Katelyn came over yesterday, and we intended to go to the gym. But it didn’t happen. We ate and drank instead. The first thing we tried was totally disgusting. I’m not sure who would drink this—it tasted like the liquid out of a jar of fermented/cultured beets. The label says, “Like Kombucha? Try This!” Please, friends, do not spend $4 on this.

Live, Raw, Unpasteurized....Gross.

We did have mostly successes in the kitchen though!

Kale + Spinach + Salad Booster + Balsamic + Olive Oil + Hemp Seeds

There aren’t too many times when I eat a kale salad—the texture of the leaves is just not my favorite thing when they’re raw…but this salad may have changed that!

Best Olive Oil Ever. The living meaning of my friend Brian's words: "Don't buy sucky sh*t."
Protein Pancakes- You'll have to bug Chef Katelyn for the recipe! I'm totally amazed at how great these are!
Protein pancake with acai chia jam...I see how unattractive this is, but it's beautiful in my eyes! These were awesome and fluffy (not too dense like a lot of protein pancakes).

Tart Cherry Acai Chia Jam: Follow the Pom Acai Jam recipe, but sub in tart cherry juice for Pom. This was awesome!

I think we both agreed this version was even better than the original Pom version!

What will you do this weekend?

I’m totally thrilled to be forced to use Friday night and Saturday to get all my work done…so I can spend the rest of the weekend with Matthew!  My Mom and Fred are taking him to see something going on with fish (walleye?) at Muller Field Station in Honeoye on Saturday around noon, and then I’m going to bust in and take over.

On Gina’s blog this week, she posted this video–and it just cracks me up. I look at that and see two guys who are totally following their passion. They look like they’re having fun, right?

It makes me contemplate the fun (or lack of fun) in my life. I have this background feeling right now that I can’t wait till May 20th because (1) four of my eight classes will be done and (2) because Joe and I are going on vacation. I value enjoying the moments in life, even if they’re not fun or exciting. But when I look at the next six weeks, I see work, gym, food, bed, repeat. Aside from mainlining maca, I’m having trouble seeing how I can feel blissful for that, and at the same time I don’t want to wish my life away.

How do you bring fun into the day-to-day hamster wheel part of life? Is it all in the head/perspective?

…And who wants to do something fun next weekend??!!

What do you have to look forward to? I have something new to look forward to: I’ve been hired to design and implement a cleanse for some people who work in Hollywood in early June. I can’t talk much about it for confidentiality reasons, but I think that will be so much fun!  I also have a place to stay out there because my cousin lives in Santa Monica.

136 thoughts on “The Ingredients and Details Make or Break It (You)”

  1. JL @ HealthyHeyday

    Thanks for the heads up on the Zukay. 🙂 Your salad looks scrumptious! Enjoy your time with Matthew this weekend. Hang in there, May 20th is right around the corner. 🙂 Let me know when you are in LA/Santa Monica! Would love to meet you face to face. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Kristina @ spabettie

    mainlining maca! 😀 all of your eats look YUM, except for the drink? I wonder how many Kombucha lovers are duped…
    I feel like I try to bring fun to our every day lives, even if it's small… planning a hike with my sister for a weekend – I look forward to it all week, a nice dinner out with Jason – we always look forward to those, or a mini one nighter weekend trip just to break up the busy work week and decompress 🙂


  3. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I struggle with bringing in the fun too. I do have Seattle to look forward to at the end of this month then a beach vacay at the end of May. SOOOOO close.

  4. Designing a cleanse of your own? Very cool! I think it's okay to wish for some things to be over as long as you have things in the future to be excited about… that's kind of balanced, right? I'm excited about my 1/2 and my trip to San Fran… and for my BF to finish working up north so I can go back to having him around allllllllllll the time!

  5. Sometimes I find myself stuck in a rut of wanting to fast forward time, ie last week I just wanted it to be over because I couldn't wait for spring break. But when I find myself in that mentality or hear myself saying I can't wait for this or that, I try and stop myself and find something to appreciate in that moment. So when my day literally consists of eat, sleep, work, workout, I try and appreciate the fact that I have the chance to work out at all! Or I'll try and make something super delicious (and quick!) to savor 🙂 But I think it's totally normal to look forward to special events in our lives!

  6. I know what you mean by looking at your life as a hamster wheel — you just have to keep your eye on the prize I suppose — I think of my financial goals, my fitness goals, etc and it just seems to help keep me pushing along.

  7. I'm definitely craving pancakes after seeing those protein ones. And designing your own cleanse sounds so neat!
    Sometimes I have trouble bringing fun in, especially during days where I'm really busy with class, work, and homework. But I always try to remember that, as important as those things are, it's also crucial to make time for things I enjoy too.

  8. man do I wish I lived closer so I could come over with Katelyn! That would be so fun. All that great food making together with definitely be the highlight of my weekend. Maybe some day!

  9. Lisa_healthy_diaries

    Loved the video! Those guys have some great talent!
    I've never heard of zukay before, but thanks for the heads up! I hate it when you buy something that ends up being disgusting. I bought seaweed crackers the other week and they were the worst thing i've ever tasted!

    I have to mini vacations to look forward too! Going to Canada for the last weekend this month and then to Las Vegas in June! can't wait 🙂

  10. so fun that you and katelyn could enjoy an evening of yummy salads and great conversation!
    in answer to your question, evenings like you had with katelyn, and time with matthew are the little things that make life less of a hamster wheel. i try to include big picture and little picture things to look forward to, in life: ex: today i just enjoyed reading an oprah magazine i was looking forward to (little); in june i am going to montreal with The Brother, SIL, and two nieces (big thing). i like a mix of both types, in life!
    that is so super cool that you get to design the cleanse and go to california! that's a BIG THING! and good luck til may 20th – at least the finish line is defined!
    have fun with matthew this weekend, too!

  11. I literally LOL'ed when you said you had plans to go the gym, then ate instead. My sister and I do that…more often than not. Ha!

  12. I absolutely know how you feel! I have so much to do within the next few weeks that I all I see work! But it will be over before I know it and then it's vacation time! <– that's how I get through it. 🙂

  13. something fun next weekend!? count me in. 🙂 you know that! let's make some of those pancakes. and juice some great things that i can throw in my freezer because i need to get back on the healthy wagon!

  14. Fun comes and goes. I think it's perfectly normal to have some periods of time where things just get a bit overwhelming and you feel like you're on autopilot. So long as there's some wax to follow the wane, then I don't worry too much about it! I feel like the next 12 weeks are going to be pretty busy, but I do plan on having fun while working hard!

  15. I love the idea of protein pancakes- I'm always eating pancakes, I might as well get more protein! And I don't think the jam looks gross at all- I”m intrigued and want to try making it. I love jellies and james of pretty much any kind though. I haven't had it with chia before. Or chia seeds at all…
    Cali sounds nice right about now!

  16. Well my fun is limited these days due to a busy schedule. Fun is getting together with my sister or going out for a break from the kiddo's . I must say I am loving your jam recipe. I have never seen this before and it is such a unique idea. Love it.

  17. I saw that video too…the dog in the background is hilarious! keep it up, those weeks will fly by! I am waiting for the next 5 weeks to pass as well so I can get this tough semester overwith. Yay so excited for you, you will love santa monica!!

  18. Seriously, that stuff was NASTY. Hahaha did Joe drink it?! Please say yes:)

    Slash those were the best. pancakes. in. the. world. Let's recreate them this week and use some new add-ins:) I just thought of an amazingsauce idea that would add some vitamin goodness to them!

    I hope you and Matthew enjoyed/are still enjoying your bike ride and weekend together! See you tomorrow for spin:)

  19. I think im looking forward to owning a house soon. I think. think think think.

    im so flipping scared!!!! i'll have to get two jobs to pull this off!

    I'm going to have to bug chef katelyn for that recipe eh? yum!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

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