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Sharing My Bliss: SunButter, Vega, Granola, Kimberly Snyder Detox Book (and more!) Giveaway!

by Lisa on April 17, 2011

Because I’m feeling like I should reward myself for working hard, I thought I’d splurge on some of my favorite products…and I also have an offer from SunButter to give away one jar of their organic sunflower seed butter to one of my readers. As a result, I thought I’d pair some of my favorite products with the SunButter in a giveaway. I’m also celebrating that I have spring break from one of my 8 classes this week and then another spring break for a different class the following week!

Here’s the loot:

1 jar of organic sunbutter (donated by SunButter)

I've never had the organic the winner will be obligated to let me know how awesome it is (it's unsweetened, which is the main taste difference from the regular creamy variety)

1 package Vanilla Almondilla Shake and Go Smoothie

With water or blended in a smoothie...this stuff is great!

1 package of Dandy Blend (herbal drink)

An amazing Herbal Drink (drink hot or cold). It's gluten free! I drink it in place of coffee.

1 batch of my super berry granola (raw, except the maple syrup)

Made from sprouted buckwheat, almonds, pecans, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, NY maple syrup (the only non-raw ingredient), and acai pulp. This stuff is amazing!

1 copy of Kimberly Snyder’s new Detox book

I'm ordering two from Amazon...the winner will get my extra copy!

That’s a lot of great stuff, right?  The only thing that is being donated is the SunButter…the rest is just stuff I thought of that I’d like to give away to one lucky person. I hardly ever enter giveaways because I like other people to win things—that is so weird, isn’t it?!  Maybe I should examine my issues with wanting to make other people happy…but I’ll do that after the giveaway :)

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment here telling me what your most embarrassing moment was or a really funny story about yourself.

If you want additional entries:

1. you can tweet about the giveaway: “Check out @lisakthrives giveaway: @SunButter4Life, @Vega, granola, Kimberly Snyder’s (@kimsbeautydetox) new book!”

2.”Like” my facebook page.

3. If you really want to get creative, recruit other people to “Like” my facebook page—for every 2 people who do, leave a comment here with their names in it for an extra entry.

Good luck! The giveaway will close in a few days…probably on Thursday evening. Don’t miss it!

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  • Kayla

    Fun excuse for a giveaway!

    My embarrassing moment: We were tailgating at a Milwaukee Brewers game a couple springs ago, and I was drinking my fair share of beer. The boys were peeing in a Gatorade bottle in the back of a van, but I was unwilling to try it and decided to hold it until we got into the stadium. I apparently held it too long and I could feel my bladder about to explode as we walked the path from the parking lot to the stadium. I started to trot faster and faster to the gates, and I started to freak out, too. I at one point said to my fiance, “I can't hold it anymore. Oh my God. I'm peeing my pants. Oh my God.” I was a sobbing, peeing mess. My fiance walked behind me so no one noticed my wet (dark denim) jeans. I stopped long enough to grab the free fan giveaway — a magnetic schedule — and then headed to the bathroom. I cleaned up as best I could and headed to the gift shop to buy a pair of Brewers sweats that I now treasure for the hilarious memory attached to them.

  • Ellen Ratliff

    I “liked” your facebook page

  • Angie

    Ah geez, most embarrassing moment … I think it would have to be my senior year in high school. It was Homecoming Week. The senior class was performing in front of the whole school. Everybody stood in a circle, then each person sat down in the lap of the person behind them and we all walked in a circle. I was chubby, the girl behind me was teensie and the girl behind her was chubby. Needless to say, when we started walking in the circle … the 3 of us collapsed the entire circle. The whole school laughed. I was mortified, but didn't cry. I still shudder every time that I think about this incident. I would really use some of your BLISS!! xoxo, Angie

  • Lisa @ Healthy Diaries

    What an awesome giveaway!!
    An embarrassing moment for me occurred a several years back while I was vacationing in Italy. Every night, in my parents home town, people walk up and down this one street while enjoying a gelato or just chatting with one another.
    Well, while I was walking, I didn't see a tiny pot hole in the road and completely fell flat on my face in front of lots of people, that know me….

    I was pretty much the talk of the town that week! :)

  • suki

    I don't think there have been too many embarrassing stories.. Stuff like tripping over my own feet and hoping that noone sees it. It happens too often. ;)

  • Kimberley

    I tweeted about your giveaway :)

  • Kimberley

    Hmm, Actually my brother and I had a discussion about this earlier. It was his graduation this weekend and in our school we have a “walking partner” for grad– which you get to pick, it is usually your closest friend/someone you went to school with growing up! I had to tell my brother some advice so the same mistake didnt happen to him. I went to grad with my boyfriend, but my walking partner was one of my good guy friends (an ex actually). The girls line up on one side and the boys on the other, than you meet in the middle and walk together linking arms from there. When both of us met in the middle we both went to kiss each other on the cheek, meaning we ended up kissing on the lips, we laughed so hard because we were embarrassed we ended up falling down the stairs…. All 1000 people in the audience were laughing hysterically. I was embarrassed at the time, but when I look back now, I just laugh. My brother and his date were sure to discuss this before they walked hahaha.

  • carie

    One time when I was about thirteen my brother took me to the races with him. He had been talking to his friends for what seemed like ages and then I got this strong urge to have to potty..teehee. I told him, but he kept talking. As he was finally wrapping up his talking we started to walk away and then I couldn't hold it any longer. I had never peed my pants before but it slipped out. What the crap? Here I was in front of cute boys and their gf's and I peed my pants! I told him what happened and he gave me something to wrap around me and then put some stuff under me in his seat and then he took me for a ride down the track at 100 and something miles an hour and we told everybody he made me hold his drink and I spilled it all over myself so we had to leave so I could go change. It worked and to this day I am still embarrassed about it.

  • mindrunningwild

    I tweeted you!

  • Tasty Eats At Home

    I was working in the back room at an office, and bent over to open some file cabinets. When I did, my pants ripped – yup, right in back! (and I was wearing a thong!) I was so embarrassed, and had no jacket or sweater to cover it up. I had a male boss, and was too embarrassed to tell him, so I told another coworker that I simply HAD to leave to change (and why) and left and went home to change. Only when I got back did I have the courage to tell my boss why I'd left in the first place.

  • carie

    I tweeted about your giveaway :)

  • carie

    I liked your fb page!

  • Lovemycelebz

    This happened when I was in junior high when back then VHS still available.When I was in 7th grade I think my science teacher said bring any movie.So i thought great, I was a big Olsen twin fan let bring their movie. So I took Your invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley Birthday party.Boys was I wrong to do that!The science teacher put in the VHS and the song Pool Party started playing.It went like this :”It's a gas, it's a blast,it's a splash, splash, splash.It's a pool party and it's cool”. After that the whole class laugh and teacher gave me the VHS and laugh in my face.So not Cool!

  • Rebecca

    I can't even think of one specific embarrassing moment.. I have too many!

  • Rebecca

    I liked you on facebook!

  • Rebecca

    i'm following you on twitter!

  • Rebecca

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  • Presleysplate

    Dragging toilet paper around the bar in my new heels… Thinking I looked goooood!

  • Susan

    I tweeted!

  • Susan

    My most embarrassing moment that I can remember right now is when I locked eyes with someone while I was going up the stairs, and I stumbled and fell face first into the stairs. I looked like a moron.

  • Kristina @ spabettie

    my embarrassing moment? running (FAST!) on the treadmill at the gym, my shoe hit the (stationary) edge and I fell – my shoes making Screech Screech sounds – and hit the wall behind me. I wasn't hurt, I got back on, walking at first and then running. When I first got back on, the guy next to me looked over and said “happens to the best of us” :D

  • JW

    Embarrassing moment: I was doing my usual power walk on the treadmill at school and tripped over my own two feet! Of course the treadmill was still running and I got a bad burn on my knee. I got back up stated “I'm ok!” and kept going! haha

  • JW

    I tweeted! I am @butterjessfly

  • Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn

    Hahaha funny stories..I have way too many but I think that one about the beach in Nica that I told you about is up there:)

  • Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn

    I tweeted!

  • Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn

    I like you on FB, obviously:)

  • Laury@TheFitnessDish

    I WANT!!!!

    Most embarrassing moment….hmmm..I will give you the time when I was in a fashion hair show at a night club for my friends salon, Heaven & Earth. I was an angel and another girl came out as a devil. I strutted out on the stage and runway in front of hundreds of people, and I fell flat on my butt because of the glitter on the stage. I played it off like I was a falling angel but no one bought it. The crowd for silent and one girl belted out a loud laugh. I was like 18 years old and mortified! Oh well…can laugh at it now!

  • abbey

    I ran into a screen door with all my older brothers friends right there when i was 10..

  • Laury@TheFitnessDish

    I “like” you! Not sure why I never know you have a page before…glad i do now though!

  • Laury@TheFitnessDish


  • Simone

    I walked into a bench on the sidewalk and landed face first on said bench…..and it was on a very busy mainstreet….sadly it was only a few months ago

  • Hollie@lolzthatswimandrun

    My most embarrassing moment was actually tripping and falling into a mud puddle on a trial two miles away from campus. I had to run back to campus with brown shorts and mud all up in down my legs.

  • Stephanie McClennon

    I don't really have any good embarrassing moment stories, though one time I did run into a pole on my bike. Not terribly smooth. However I did manage to get out unscathed. It was kind of a win in that respect, which makes it a bit of a fail in the “embarrassing moment” category.

  • Stephanie

    Also, I liked your Facebook page! =)

  • Emily

    I just had a really embarrassing moment…Yesterday was laundry day and I was so happy to have a fresh pair of jeans (guilty of re-wearing jeans–hey, it's green!). I was walking to my last class on campus when something suddenly felt uncomfortable in the 'skinny' part of my skinny jeans. Turns out a pair of undies decided to tag along for class today :D

  • Sarah

    Oh My Gosh. This is my kind of giveaway! I literally just ran out of vega vanilla health optimizer (love it) and have been wanting to try something new.

    This is not my MOST embarrassing moment but it sure is up there.

    I am a waitress at a really awesome vegan & raw food restaurant. One evening two people walked in and I, still new to the job and trying hard to be open and friendly, welcomed them with a loud “hello ladies!”

    I was too busy grabbing and juggling menus, water, and silverware to really look up at the two of them but I did notice that they did not answer my greeting. So as I walked closer I tried once again with a “how are you ladies doing tonight?”, all while being visually distracted by the things I was carrying.

    However, when I got closer I understood the look of confusion on their faces. The two that I had been addressing were a woman and a man with shoulder length hair.

    I. was. mortified.

    There was no way to hide what I had said, and worse I had said it twice.

    Also I had to tend to them for the remainder of the evening. Luckily for me they were kind about it but I earned a valuable lesson that night: unless I am 100 % sure, I address people coming in as “guys”.

    haha anyway I love your blog!


  • Kelly@RahRaw

    Your granola looks so amazing! Really hope I win! Most embarrassing moment – when I worked at a public library and got sick. I was on all fours behind the desk with the garbage can right in front of me. I was too sick to even move to try to get to the bathroom, but I knew something was going to happen…well, I didn't actually throw up right then and there, but I did burp super super loud (and I'm not a burper at all). My sister who was also working with me at the desk and I still laugh when we talk about it, but boy, it sure was embarrassing to have people lean over the desk when they heard me…or the nice people who pretended they never noticed (when of course they did). Haha.

  • Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I have yet to try that sunbutter. I keep hearing how awesome it is. And the granola….my tummy just rumbled ;-)

    Oh, I have so many embarrassing moments, mostly b/c I'm a huge klutz. I've passed out in front of class in the 8th grade (low blood sugar). I once passed out at work after hitting my knee. It's really embarrassing to wake up with co-workers standing around you. And reading Kelly @ RahRaw's comment made me recall a time when I had some stomach bug but we had all gone to the races (I should NOT have gone). The line in the women's bathroom was long (of course) and not moving at all. I ended up having to try to throw up in the trash, but it was one that was built into the wall….so that didn't work out so well.

  • Lauren

    Hm, in 2nd grade, I tried to marry my cat and he bit my lip. I had to get stitches on my lip and was so embarrassed in school the next day!

  • Kristina @ spabettie

    I like you on facebook, #493 – almost to 500!! :D

  • Annie

    in ninth grade i tripped down the stairs in front of everyone on my first day of high school. embarrassing!

  • J Smith

    I like you on FB!

  • Dolores

    My dad answered the house phone barking like a dog whenever my high school boyfriend would call… i learned to never get embarrassed really fast in that house!

  • Dawn

    Just the other day, I opened my bedroom door, as I went to leave, my left foot apparently was blocking it from opening further.. And my right foot left the room.. As I continued to open the door and walk out at the same time, my left foot stopped the door dead in its tracks, and like the most redic movie I flat out walked right into my door. My face smacked the door so hard, I was convinced I'd have a black eye! My dogs were so worried about me, just standing on the hallway – I think half horrified half embarrassed for me!

  • myveganstory

    Tweeted! :)

  • myveganstory


  • myveganstory

    Sorry I didn't mean to post this twice, delete one!

  • Mel S

    I already “like” you on FB :)

  • Mel S

    Embarrassing story….during my undergrad years at UB, I was running on the treadmill and watching TV. I was paying more attention to the TV than to my running, missed a step and fell onto the treadmill spraining my ankle and bruising both of my arms.

  • Lisa

    First, I should say that this really is a true story. Years ago, I was swimming at the gym (in October). Got out of pool and my flip flops and locker key were gone… ummm.. panic? Yes, my entire locker was stolen- yes clothes too. I had to walk home BAREFOOT in my SWIMSUIT in the middle of October in one of Chicago's busiest neighborhoods. I thought- this won't be so bad because my brother lives close. Yea, he did not open the door b.c. he could not imagine anyone buzzing him so early on a Saturday morning. When I FINALLY got back home, I had to knock on my landlord's door and ask her to open my apt for me. She said “were you sunbathing on the roof” not kidding.
    Incidentally, I do not have a smokin' hot bronzed body- more like pasty, pasty white! It was so humilating!

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