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Two days of PIP almost done: Collard Wraps and Veggie Alfredo!

by Lisa on February 15, 2011

I woke up yesterday morning feeling deprived and restricted, which was totally irrational because I hadn’t even started PIP yet…and PIP is not all that restrictive. I immediately wanted to break into Joe’s raisin bread and make toast. With butter. Which I don’t even eat when I’m not doing PIP.

I chugged a glass of water, made tea and juice, and settled into my new routine. I’m glad I did!

Coincidentally, or not, this week my nutrition students are tracking their dietary intake for 4 days in Spark People online, and they’ll have to analyze it later. Several of the females in the class keep asking me if I will just tell them what I eat, which is sort of awkward but I suppose I should be flattered. I finally agreed that I would track my intake for 4 days too, and for those people who are interested, they can check it out. Wait till they see the crazy things I eat!!!!  I already told them about the green smoothie—1 head of romaine, 1 huge handful of spinach, water, cacao, and stevia… I know they are going to think I’m crazy, but I’m thinking of it as exposing them to new ideas.

Anyway, my intake for Day 1 and so far for day 2 is at just under 1500 calories. The online program tells me I have too much fat (avocados and nuts…not french fries and butter!) and not enough protein or carbs. I think will boost the protein, but I’m ok with lower carbs and higher fat. I don’t trust that the government knows what’s best for me nutritionally anyway. Calorie-wise, I don’t think it’s much different than normal.

Do you try and meet the daily recommendations for macro and or micronutrients?

I was going to eat tons of salads, but let’s face it, I’m drinking more salad than the average person eats. So I’m trying to be more creative (and thus, hopefully, satisfied).

Since I finally broke the ice and bought Miso for my super bowl spinach artichoke dip (a la Gena at Choosing Raw), I wanted to make more things with it. Gena uses it very often in her recipes, and I’ve been reading-but-not-trying them for over a year…

Collard leaf, cut in half with the spine taken out (and saved for juicing). Add: 1/4 avocado, cultured carrots/cabbage/ginger, and sunflower seed "cheese" made with soaked seeds and miso

So....the seed cheese didn't get very cheesy looking (maybe I was too impatient?) so it's more like a chunky pate. The combo in here was awesome! Totally inspired by Gena's collard wraps. You can't see the avocado here, but it's in there!

The next one was today…

Pre-sauce: zucchini pasta, red pepper, carrot, tomato halves

The sauce: soaked cashews, lemon juice, miso, garlic, stevia (tiny bit), sea salt, water

I followed Gena’s recipe, except I used stevia instead of agave, nixed the basil (because I didn’t have any), traded red pepper for snap peas, and added garlic. I also sprinkled hemp seeds and nutritional yeast on it, but I’m not sure that was necessary (or noticeable). It was awesome! I have half of the sauce left, so I am going to get another zucchini and make it again tomorrow.

Last thing.

I’ve been noticing a lot of people posting about dessert hummus and cookie dough hummus…so I tried it, but I went the stevia method to keep things as sugar-free as possible. It was not good. Have you tried it yet?

New way I try and drink more water is with herbal and caffeine free teas. I have a rough time drinking plain water all day, so this works pretty well!

So far, I’m liking PIP, and having my checklist helps me do everything—I don’t want to end the day with things un-checked!

Do you like veggie-based pastas? I’ve found if they’re room temp, they’re much better (kinda like sushi!).

Collard wraps? Are you a fan? How about cultured veggies? I’m planning to make a batch soon, but I wish someone would help me—I’m much more productive and less messy with it when I have help!

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