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Lazy Lady’s Guac, Daytime PJ’s, Winter Cleaning, More Veggies…

by Lisa on January 4, 2011

I’m working at home again (read: big smile and daytime pj’s—which could usually double as yoga attire, but my yoga instructor is in India right now). I meant to go get coffee at Starbucks, but when I went outside, I only made it as far as Bruegger’s (crossing Monroe felt like too big of a chore). Either way, I think I’ve had more coffee in 2011 than I had in the whole second half of 2010—which totally busted my intention (not resolution) to decrease my coffee/caffeine intake.

Yesterday I meant to make guac, but when I scooped out the avocado, I looked in the fridge and decided to make the lazy man's (or lady's) version...

...I sprinkled this in (plus a smidge of Himalayan crystal salt). There is a slight bit of crunch because it has a few sesame seeds in it.

I meant to saute some veggies and greens and dump it on top of a salad...but I ended up accidentally dumping in too much Herbamere, and had to add the rest of the spinach, the whole thing of 'shrooms, and more grilled veggies to soak it up (frozen from Wegmans Just Picked variety)...I ate a huge bowl of it, and added turmeric at the last minute. (Why?

Yesterday, I meant to refill my spritz bottle with Magnesium and totally overflowed it, so instead of dabbing it on my lymph nodes (tops of feet, backs of knees, groin, pits, upper chest), I rubbed it all over my legs....big mistake, made me totally super alert, but itched and burned like a mutha' !) I'll post soon why I'm bothering with this magnificent mineral!

I meant to clean my workspace (which has overflowed into the living room), my pantry, my car, and my closet...but I only cleaned the workspace (including desk!). This pile is gone.

All in all, if I count the things I got done in the last 24 hours, I was really successful!  So, I’m looking at that instead of comparing the results to the intentions…it makes me feel better and more motivated to tackle today’s list.

What have you meant to do lately that didn’t happen?  Did you dwell on it, or just pat yourself on the back for what you did accomplish?

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