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Improvising, Fall Food, Portion Distortion, and Super Pudding!

by Lisa on September 20, 2010

I wanted (needed) a salad and had no I used a whole tray of microgreens--it was good, just slightly spicy. Beets tinted the apples pink, and I think sometimes improvising to yield pretty results makes up for a possible lack in deliciousness. But it wasn't bad!

Macs are ready! I am patiently waiting for Empires, but Macs will do. What's your favorite apple?

Without naming names, let's take a look at Snack A vs. Snack B. Snack A is a homemade whole grain muffin (I swiped a sample...pineapple!), and Snack B is a piece of chocolate junk from the vending machine (Its owner also downed a Mountain Dew simultaneous to eating it). Who felt better for the rest of the morning? Snacker A or Snacker B? ...After the potential sugar/caffeine crash, that is!

What goes through your head when you see this section in the health food store? My brain says, "I NEED SOME OF THOSE THINGS?!" ...and then I try and think of reasons to experiment with new things...

In a moment of weakness....a yummy mistake!

Zucchini pasta with pesto, tomatoes, cukes, and goat cheese---this is fab. Why is pesto SO good??

Pudding: avocado, cacao powder, sunwarrior protein, frozen bananas, vanilla extract, agave, xanthan gum, guar gum

  • Davidrkessler

    I like the Figi apples. They keep really nice and crispy. The empires are great too.

  • Lisakthrives

    I agree—I buy the bags of organic fijis from weg all year (I think they're from Washington), and they stay nice and crunchy!

  • Roy Andrea M

    Honeycrisp all the way… or Sweet Tango. I am fortunate enough to live next door to the largest macintosh orchard in the world. LOVE this time of year!

  • Lisakthrives

    Hi Andrea,
    I've never had Sweet Tango! It sounds fab…I'll have to be on the lookout for those. I just sampled Honeycrisp in the grocery store the other day—wow!

  • Roy Andrea M

    Love the website and the great info! Hope all is well- you look great! Ever used squash in a smoothie?? Just curious as the fall season offers so many options and colors!

  • Lisakthrives

    Hi Andrea,
    Thanks! I haven't used squash yet (but you must be reading my mind, because I've been planning a squash ice cream/smoothie for this weekend!)—-I did use pumpkin puree once, which I suppose is close taste-wise, but I'm going to start the squash by steaming it. …I'll post it when I make it!

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