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“F” for Wheatgrass

by Lisa on February 15, 2010

I’ve been trying to grow wheatgrass. It’s conceptually extremely easy! Plus, I’ve been cheating by using the patches I’ve bought from Lori’s and then just re-growing the grass.  I will grow it from scratch eventually, but I have to buy dirt and trays and figure out how to make it work.  You can only re-grow the same grass once, so my plan was to mow it, juice it, re-grow it, and then compost it. No such luck.  I re-grew several patches, and when they were ready to re-mow….I noticed they were all moldy.  I thought I watered it too much, so I watered the next batches less.  They still got moldy.

So, so far, I’ve failed Wheatgrass 101.  But I still plan to figure it out. In the meantime, Lori’s is selling out of wheatgrass almost daily.


I also need to work on my juicing skills so I end up consuming more of the juice that I have been spilling on the counter.


  • Petra

    The mold might be coming from Lori’s not you. I think I would set up the growing it from scratch operation and see what happens.

  • Lisa

    Hi Petra,
    I think you might be right—I’ve been experimenting with it, and regardless of whether or not I water it (I’ve tried not watering several patches at all), as soon as I mow it, it’s growing mold by the next day.
    I hope I make growing it from scratch a project for the weekend!
    Thanks for the ideas. Looking forward to an update on your lettuce growing…

  • Barb Hall

    Cleanse, Alkalize, and Nourish! Get all three by consuming one drink and you can
    take it with you when you travel, go to the gym or anywhere, for a quick boost! In this highly nutritional organic powdered product 4 packets are equivalent to one tray of wheatgrass. An important factor, the packets are used upon opening, not like a jar which when each time it is opened the content oxidizes and loses nutritional value. Our product uses a cold drying process so that the enzymes and nutrients are rejuvenated when blended with water.
    It is the only wheatgrass powder in the world grown Aeroponically in 100% purified oxygen; soil free, fungus free and pollution free. The roots contain cancer fighting nutrients not found in the blades. One of the nutrients, P4D1, has also been shown in laboratory tests to strip the protein sheath off a cancer cell so that the white blood cells can attack and destroy them.
    In combining the roots with the blades the taste is more like a “green tea” and is not pungent as juiced wheatgrass. You can drink this straight, no need to mix with anything in order to hide the taste, just enjoy wheatgrass! Even kids love it!
    Try a free sample, simply go to and fill out the form on the home page. Let me know what you think!

  • Jessica

    What does wheatgrass taste like?

  • Lisa

    You know the smell of freshly cut grass? Multiply that in intensity by about 50, add a little sweetness…and that’s what wheatgrass tastes like. It’s bitter, and then sweet at the end….I’ve noticed that different batches taste slightly different, either more or less potent. My mom really likes the taste—I’m not crazy about it, but it’s growing on me!

  • Jessica

    Interesting! I actually LOVE that smell (as in, used to douse myself with the scent of it from the Gap, hah!) so perhaps I’d like the taste?

    Where can I have easy, borderline lazy-girl access to try it around here? Perhaps involved in something that may take the edge of the grassy flavor off for my initial tasting to ease me into it? I’d like to get involved!!

  • Kristina

    Try Organic3 cafe! I love it there, you can even get a $25 punch card for 10 shots! It’s on Main in Snyder (connected to Everything Elmwood)

  • Jessica

    PERFECT! So close :) Thanks!

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